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Welcome to The Bookshelf Sophisticate!

I'm a reading fanatic and if you're checking out book blogs like mine, chances are you are too!  I graduated with an English degree and since graduation several years ago I still haven’t been able to get enough of the books I love.  Instead of sitting in a classroom with a list of required reading I decided to start reading what I liked.  I still try to throw a classic into my to-be-read list but for the most part I stick to the authors I love and the book series I hope will never end. 

My roommate and best friend encouraged me to start this blog as a way to get out there and share my opinions and excitement over what I’m reading (I think she was just tired of being the only person I could talk to about this stuff) and what I’m waiting for to come out.  Hopefully I'll get to hear and talk about it all with other readers and bloggers like myself.  Ever since I started this blog I've fallen in love with the blogosphere, what is has to offer, the community of bloggers and everything else about it.

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