Monday, May 24, 2010

Contest and Updates

Just a few updates in case you haven't come across them yourselves on the blogosphere/internet...

Cassandra Clare put up a post showing some really neat pictures of the City of Bones graphic novel and gave a few insights into City of Fallen Angels....not many but we'll take what we can get right?  Check it out here!

If you were as big a fan as I was of Fallen by Lauren Kate then you're probably just as anxious as I am for the sequel, Torment to come out.  Well Lauren posted a sneek peak on her blog and you guys have to check it out....I think this will help with the anxiousness I've got over waiting for Torment to hit the shelves.

And as a last minute add on here I thought I would tell ya a little bit about my dissapointing experience at the Richelle Mead book signing yesterday.  I was coming back from a weekend at the beach and some traffic made me a little late in getting to the signing on time.  I was only an hour late and as it turned out so was Richelle....but that doesn't mean that the 300 other fans were following in our footsteps :(  By the time I got there she was in the middle of answering questions and they had stopped passing out line tickets so I was going to have to wait at the end.

I was going to stick it out but I had a friend with me and we were still a good hour and a half from getting home and while we waited almost two hours....the end of the line was no where in I had to call it a books signed, bummer right?  

I checked out Richelle's blog today and here are some pictures of the signing and hopefully you'll get a feel for what we were dealing with.  Now if you look in the back left side of this picture of the girl posing with Richelle, you will see two girls sitting on the floor waiting and trying to pass the time....yep that's me and my friend Kate trying to stop counting the clock, lol!

Well I did pick up an extra copy of Spirit Bound and while it's not signed (sorry guys I tried) I'm still going to give it away to one lucky winner!

This contest is open to all followers, so fill out the form below and good luck!  The contest will end on June 21st, so spread the word!


  1. I'm so sorry you didn't get to meet her, It must've been crazy there. I wish she would come somewhere close to me, I love her series!

  2. i've read all three books in the series that City Of Bones belongs to, and i really loved them :)

  3. Thank you for the contest.
    Sue B



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