Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: The Hungers Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I know I'm not alone when I say this was and is by far my favorite series ever. Suzanne Collins will forever be among my favorite authors because of this. I've read other books that I couldn't get enough of, but none of those compare to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. It was a genious idea and executed to perfection. Despite how high I hold these three I've never reviewed them for fear I wouldn't do the titles justice. I still don't think I can but I still decided to give it a shot and share my favorite moments in each. Now if you haven't read this series, (yes I think you're crazy) but I'm also seriously impressed with your will power! But I also think you might want to stop reading at this point because I don't want to be a spoiler. It's your decision, but you've been warned.

So favorite moment #1 - The Hunger Games: Peeta and Katniss in the cave. I know, I know it's so predictable but I don't care! When Katniss is nursing Peeta back to as close to healthy as possible I melted. But when he talks to her about her singing and how he's loved her for years I just didn't think you could get more romantic than that. He's not corny but shows Katniss how much he loves everything about her! Not who she lets others perceive her to be but the real her. Her flaws and all. He doesn't care and it's unconditional. Katniss pulls through for me her or very soon after when she kisses him and for the first time really means it. It's not for show, she's risked her life and understands Peeta means something to her too, she's just not quite sure what exactly yet. I was swooning big time!

Favorite moment #2 - Catching Fire: After Katniss and Peeta realize and accept that they're going back into the arena they are truly there for each other. So it's not really a moment but a span of time from when they're whisked away on the train bound for the capital to entering the actual arena. Peeta once again cares for Katniss and shows this when he stays with her night after night to protect her during her nightmares and comfort her when she wakes up. Katniss really got my vote when she finally decided that it was Peeta that needed to survive and win the games. It was selfless on her part and very brave. Her stock definitely went up in my opinion in book two.

Favorite moment #3 - Mockingjay: Now Mockingjay made me wait and drove me crazy until finally the end. The last chapter of Mockingjay satisfied me, thrilled me and left me completely content and okay with how things worked out. All the characters were forced to deal with so many tragedies and grief throughout all three books that I wasn't sure there was a way to make this happen but of course Collins proved me wrong. Lives were definitely lost that I wish didn't take place but at the same time I understood and believe they made the story stronger and more powerful.

The Hunger Games trilogy will be around and massively popular for years to come. While I'm not sure Collins can top this trilogy (or anyone else) but I am looking forward to the movie adaptation and I hope her future books are equally addicting and brilliant!

I gave The Hunger Games trilogy 5 shamrocks!!!!!


  1. I agree with #1 and #2! They are both my favorite moments. I just haven't read Mockingjay yet, so I'm not exactly sure if I agree or not.

  2. I had such a hard time reviewing CF & Mockingjay! I just couldn't explain how I felt about them! lol. Love these moments that you picked out!



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