Thursday, December 30, 2010

Author Interview: Jordan Deen

As part of the Half Moon/White Flame Blog Tour, Jordan stopped by to answer some questions...I was thrilled to have some answers to questions that were burning in my brain, let me know what you guys think...

Katelyn: What was your favorite scene to write in Half Moon? Were there any scenes you had more fun writing than others?

Jordan: Hi Katelyn, thank you so much for being part of the White Flame tour! Yes- the greatest part of writing 'Half Moon' has been the fight scenes. I loved visualizing all the wolves running through the woods. My favorite scene of the novel is towards the end when Lacey is in the truck. (You'll see once you read it) That is by far the best. But I'm interested to hear what parts were the readers favorites to read.

Katelyn: Are readers ever going to see an "official" mating/bonding ceremony in the series?

Jordan: Not necessarily. Bonding isn't necessarily like a wedding and I don't want the relationship between Lacey and Brandon to be too cliche'. I can't give away too much from 'Full Moon' - which will be the final novel in the series.

Katelyn: Can you tell us what was in the baby's dress? Or at least tell us if we'll find out in the last novel in the series?

Jordan: Yes. This isn't necessarily a spoiler because I won't give away what is in there. But, it is something important and it will be a big part of 'Full Moon'. :)

Katelyn: With Full Moon being the third and final installment in The Crescent series, can we hope to have the mysteries solved and the questions answered? (I've taken to nail biting again because I'm so anxious for some of these answers, lol)

Jordan: Hahahaha Do we need to find a support group? Yes, 'Full Moon' will have the return of some characters, introductions of new characters, and answers to lots of questions from 'The Crescent' and 'Half Moon'.

Katelyn: Will we get to see Lacey more fully embracing her other abilities?

Jordan: Oooh, this is the biggest question I've gotten about 'Full Moon'. You will be quite surprised by what Lacey can fully do. She has not yet begun to touch the tip of the iceberg of her talents. There is much, much more to come in that area for her.

Katelyn: I'm not sure if I want to know this or not but...will more pairs be mated? Will anyone succumb to the sickness?

Jordan: Yes, there will be more mating - (because you know I can't leave certain characters hanging like that) and I can't divulge about the sickness...but I will tell you there is serious heartbreak ahead for one main character.

Yowsers guys....if that doesn't leave you on edge and with a lot more questions I don't know what will!!! Thanks again for stopping by Jordan and for answering some of our questions!


  1. Great interview!

    I HAVE to get these books! :)

  2. Nice interview - thanks for hosting it! I skipped your review because I don't want anymore info about the book before I get to read it! Can't wait!



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