Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cover Reveals and So Much More!!

I've got some very exciting news to share and I couldn't wait any longer to do just that.  One of my favorite authors in the Young Adult world, Jordan Deen has been making some very big decisions lately.  She's recently broken away from the publishing company she was previously working with and has officially become an Indie author!
Please join me in wishing her all the best of luck and get super excited because along with this huge decision, she's also decided to re-release both The Crescent and Half Moon!  Today's the big day and I've got a great book trailer for The Crescent below for everyone to check out.  The covers are looking amazing and all the hard work Deen has put into these installments really shows and it's a series no one wants to miss out on!
What does everyone think of these new covers...could they be any more amazing!!  I'm just loving everything about the new designs and the feel they've got going on.
You can get yourself a copy in all the usual places, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, etc...but don't wait, head on over and snag your copies now because you won't want to waste even a minute before you get the chance to dive right into this amazing world that she's created.
Check out the trailer for The Crescent below and be sure to keep checking in on the blog because Deen has created her very own Street Team to help get the word out and share all the fun and exciting news that will be heading your way soon!

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