Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Full Moon (The Crescent, #3) by Jordan Deen

You know her story. You know her painful initiation into the werewolf world and you’ve seen her struggle to find the truth.

Now, Lacey Quinn is ready for the war to be over. Are you?
Lacey has been used, lied to and cheated out of the only thing she ever wanted: independence. Struggling with her newfound knowledge of being pack leader, Alex coming back into her life and the kidnapping of Lily’s mate—Matt—Lacey is faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life: fight or flight. While she knows running from the war will risk many lives, but staying means she would never have the life she wants and quite possibly never know a world without werewolves, witches and war.
Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always the first or most obvious choice. Lacey Quinn is about to challenge what everyone thinks is the right thing to do. Unfortunately for her, most will not agree with her decision or the painful outcome.

Sometimes, love means death.

Jordan Deen will forever be someone who never ceases to surprise and impress me.  Her Crescent series made me a fan from the first installment and without question kept me interested long after that.  A good amount of time has passed between the sequel and Full Moon's release.  As a fan I fell right back into step feeling that it wasn't difficult to pick up where it left off or that it required any re-reads on my part.  Publishing company changes, new cover art, but Deen's writing style remained consistent, her plot kept up with the action and her characters were as likable as always.

There were lots of new faces this time around but Deen somehow managed to minimize the confusion that inevitably can occur with so many elements in a series as detailed as hers.  But I was left wondering if this was the end of the series to be honest.  There's definitely room for more installments in my opinion and it would of course be my preference, but its unclear.  Her spin off series involving the recently introduced Lune coven is in the works and maybe that's what readers will have to content themselves with and maybe that will work out.  These are all questions I'll be eager to have answered and I'll be checking out the Web constantly hoping for updates.  But if I had my way I'd ask for one more installment centered around the wolves...there's still a few details I'd like to see play out...and I'm just not ready to say goodbye for good to these characters that I've grown so attached to over the years.

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