Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cover Reveal!!!

I was going to wait to post this cover reveal tomorrow, but I just couldn't stand holding back.  After reading Firespell by Chloe Neill, I was of course anxious for the sequel to come out a.s.a.p.  But in the meantime while I'm trying to learn some patience, Neill was kind enough to post the cover image for Hexbound (A Novel of the Dark Elite, Book Two)!  

Isn't the cover awesome?  I'm even more excited to read it now and am growing less impatient by the day, lol!  But until it's release in January 2011 (which seems so far away) I'll have to make due somehow. 


  1. Nice! I'm not a reader of this series but that cover is very eye-catching. It's very dark and mysterious.

  2. Great cover! I haven't read Firespell yet, but this cover makes me want to get started on that series. :)

  3. Great Cover! I had the same impatiently waiting feeling on the next JR Ward book (now I am down to 2 days and well it is worse than when it was a year away LOL)



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