Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Blood Solstice (The Tale of Lunarmorte, #3) by Samantha Young

Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance...

In the final installment of The Tale of Lunarmorte, Caia is caught between the most powerful beings in her world, and they are all desperate to use her for their own means. While Caia struggles to find her purpose, tragedy strikes close to home, and time runs out.
Now she must decide if she will join the extremists she was trying to destroy... or bring them all down on her own terms...
There is always a great deal of pressure and expectation when it comes to the final installment in any series.  As a fan and avid reader, I know that if it's a series that I've come to love and call one of my favorites, I most definitely have always had high expectations for the last books and for the author to come through and really wrap things up with a bang!  For the authors, I can only imagine all the stress that goes into completing the final chapters of a series that they've developed and shaped into something that readers anxiously countdown and look foward to reading.
With all that pressure and stress that is laid on the shoulders of authors like Samantha Young, and so many others, she hit it out of the park in regards to this final installment in The Tale of Lunarmorte series.  I can honestly say there isn't any detail I'd change or scene I'd like re-written.  I enjoyed all the action and adventure she packed into yet another book, and the characters she had developed and layered into this series were yet again delightful to watch and cheer for as they made their way through each and every obstacle that was in their path.
As a fan of both Young's Adult and Young Adult work, I might have had high expectations for this last book in the series, but I never had any doubts that she would deliver, and deliver is exactly what she did!

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