Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Blood of Gold by B.V. Larson

Her young man stepped out of nowhere onto a mountaintop... Her high school counselor came from Hell. Literally... Haley learns she has a unique gift. She normally lives her life escaping notice, but now two gorgeous strangers are interested in her. Very interested. Seth is the best-looking young man she (or anyone else) has ever met. Every girl in school is after him and the competition turns strangely vicious. She soon realizes that he is not fully bound to this world. Although they both feel the mutual attraction, there’s something holding him back... The second stranger is equally attractive, but more frightening. When she is with him, she somehow loses her self-control. To say more would give away too much, but Las Vegas will never be the same...

Most of the time when I finish with a book I go one of three ways like most readers do. I either love the book, thought the book was OK - good, but not my favorite, or I know it just wasn't for me. While I liked this book I can't really make up my mind about it completely, not sure what I think. This is the first in a series and at this point I wouldn't mind reading the rest, but I don't know that I'm going to rush to get my copies.

Haley and Seth's story is an interesting concept but I'm just not sure I'm in the right mood to appreciate their plight fully. Maybe I needed more romance? Most paranormal/fantasy stories aren't overly realistic so I'm not thinking realism was the problem either. I will say that it felt somewhat unfinished, or in need of some more polish. There were grammatical mistakes and I was left confused at times. To be honest I'm just unsure what the reason was. I don't like to rate books poorly and since nothing really stuck out as wrong per se, I don't want to just nit pick the book until I figure out what I'm trying to put my finger on. Maybe the second book will be more of a fit for me, maybe not? I'm not ruling the series out, I'm just putting it further down on my reading list for now.

I gave Blood of Gold 2 shamrocks!!

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