Monday, June 18, 2012

ARC Review: The Lost Code (The Atlanteans, #1) by Kevin Emerson


The ozone is ravaged, ocean levels have risen, and the sun is a daily enemy. But global climate change is not something new in the Earth’s history.

No one will know this better than less-than-ordinary Owen Parker, who is about to discover that he is the descendant of a highly advanced ancient race—a race that took their technology too far and almost destroyed the Earth in the process.

Now it is Owen’s turn to make right in his world what went wrong thousands of years ago. If Owen can unlock the lost code in his very genes, he may rediscover the forgotten knowledge of his ancestry…and that less-than-ordinary can evolve into extraordinary.

This was a read that I truly enjoyed. With no previous experience with Emerson's writing I wasn't sure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have yet another author to add to my list of favorites. His characters were unassuming and hard to resist, his writing kept a quick pace when you wanted it and slowed down when dealing in facts and ancient secrets that a reader might need time to absorb. Overall it was a combination that kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting with baited breath to see what would happen to these new and exciting characters next.

When I first encountered this title I was only thinking of one thing...atlanteans. I later realized that while this ancient race of people would play a vital role, there was so much more to be found within these pages. Seeing what could become of Earth if people kept things up at the rate we're currently going today, the results and consequences were pretty scary and something I'd rather avoid if at all possible if I might add.

Owen was adorable. A guy that you can't help but like and root for when he's coming into his own before a reader's very eyes. He was just a normal guy, liked to keep to himself, and try to avoid any notice, and yet there was no avoiding the changes that he had to adjust to and the transformation that was inevitable. Without giving too much away, let's just say that Owen was in for a huge wake up call when he started to realize whom his ancestors were. Not something you can prepare for, but all the same, I think he handled things well, and with a little help from some new friends the transition went as best as I think he could hope for under the circumstances.

But honestly, this book is for everyone, guys, girls, history buffs, fantasy fans, you name it and I think you'll really enjoy this read. Emerson won me over, and I'm truly looking forward to seeing what happens in the next installment in the series.

I gave The Lost Code (The Atlanteans, #1) 3 shamrocks!!!

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