Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!!

I hope everyone had a nice week and will have the chance to really enjoy their weekends! I know I plan on it! I finally have two weekends in a row with no wedding related functions to attend and I have to admit that I've really been looking forward to the break. It's been a blast getting to be a part of all the festivities with my friends before their big days, and then enjoying the celebrations of the main events themselves, but at the same time, a long deserved break was really in order. I have to catch up on a lot of not so fun stuff this weekend like cleaning and laundry, grocery shopping, etc..but I plan on catching up on some reading as well. I have a couple of great titles on my shelves at the moment that I've been waiting to dive into and I think this weekend I'll be able to do just that. So in between the errands, and the cleaning, I plan to make use of all the quiet in my apartment and see if I can bang out a few reads!

Here's hoping and happy reading as always!!!!

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