Thursday, February 28, 2013

ARC Review: Smuggler's Kiss by Marie-Louise Jensen

It's not a crime to steal a heart

Smugglers are cut-throat rascals. At least that's what Isabelle's always been told. But when she's rescued from drowning at sea by the crew of a notorious smuggling ship, her principles are thrown into confusion. Outwitting the king's men fills her with excitement, especially when she's with one mysterious smuggler in particular . . .

I've got to hand it to Marie-Louise Jensen on this one.  Not only was this a highly entertaining and fun read, but she had me guessing up until the very end.  I was close to figuring some things out and piecing together others, but no matter how hard I tried to think about it, I was still surprised when she wrapped up the last revelation in the very end.  I love that kind of read, don't you?

Isabelle and the rest of the crew on The Invisible were a great lot of characters.  And one of things I enjoyed most about this read was the character development throughout its pages.  All of the main characters went through some type of adjustment and growth throughout the story and it was so much fun and all together an exciting ride while watching how they all turned out.

There's romance, suspense, mystery and secrets out the wazoo, and so much fun to be had with this one.  It was a light read overall but in the best possible sense.  I was never overly stressed out no matter how tense things got, but at one time or another I did refuse to put the book down in order to find out what would happen next.  This was my first experience with Jensen's writing and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.  I enjoyed her writing style as well as how she paces her story lines.

Overall I have to say that this was just the type of read I was looking for at just the right time!  Be sure to pick this one up to read when it hits the shelves.

I gave Smuggler's Kiss 3 shamrocks!!!

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