Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List

Who doesn't have a favorite author or a couple of authors who's writing style, pacing, plot ideas and cast of characters had you falling in love with a certain book or series?  My list seems to get longer all the time and I'm certainly not complaining.  So here are ten authors who haven't steered me wrong yet and always leave me wanting more of their work!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #1:  Maria V. Snyder

We are talking literary genius here people!  Her Study series, Glass series, Insiders series and now Healer series are all winners!  Each and every book and series starts out with high expectations on my part and yet she never lets me down.  Her fictional worlds are creative and full of imagination, her characters are all equally engaging and amazing, and her story lines are ones that I never want to end.  She's somehow always pumping out new material and I hope that never changes!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #2:  Elizabeth Eulberg

I met her at a book festival and after hearing her speak I picked up her book to have her sign.  Convinced that her fabulousness had to cross over into her writing I dove right into The Lonely Hearts Club and found an amazing piece of fiction.  Her personality can be seen in her style and words and I was ecstatic!  Take A Bow and Prom and Prejudice were each wonderful and I can't wait to read her next release, Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #3:  Richelle Mead

The Vampire Academy series put me through the gauntlet.  Her plot twists and turns surprised me each and every time and the action and adventure never seemed to slow down.  Her Dark Swan series may not fall into the YA category but I like that she can balance both audiences.  So no matter what my mood might be or what my reading preferences, Mead always hits the nail on the head.  Always excited to see what she'll deliver next.

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #4:  Cassandra Clare

While we're talking about two series (The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices)in her repertoire  and within the same world, one has to admit she's got the touch and definitely the talent to spare.  Each and every installment gets better and better and no matter what there's always a cliffhanger that catches me off guard and dying to read on to find out what will happen next.  You can't teach that kind of thing, it's a gift plain and simple, and Clare's got it in spades!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #5:  Jennifer Echols

If you're looking for romance and a love story, look no further.  Echols puts out books with characters who are easy to relate to, interesting story lines and addictive elements with no limits.  Page turners for sure, Love Story, Forget You and Such A Rush had me melting into puddles of mush each and every time.  She has me convinced that she can do no wrong and if there's a title with her name on it, I want it on my shelf!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #6:  Rachel Hawthorne

Her Dark Guardian series had me addicted and neglecting everything outside of reading her work for long periods of time.  When I heard her and her son were teaming up and introducing a new trilogy, Darkness Before Dawn, I was conflicted I'll admit.  Thrilled she was producing a new paranormal series, but also worried that the dual author roles would not reflect what I'd come to expect her from previous work.  I'm not sure how they made it work, but frankly I don't care because they did and that's all that mattered to me.  This series had me just as hooked and I knew I could put her on this list with no hesitation on my part.

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #7:  Amanda Hocking

For starting out as an independent and doing in on her own so-to-speak she will always be a powerhouse in my book.  Someone a reader and anyone else for that matter can truly look up to and respect the hard road that led to their success.  You name it and her series' have won me over each and every time.  My Blood Approves and Trylle are two series that deserve infinite props and I hope Hocking continues to be praised and encouraged to produce more and more work in the future.  The amazing quality of her words will never be doubted by this reader.

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #8:  Sherrilyn Kenyon

Only recently has she branched out into the YA world but I had been reading her adult work long before that.  She's another one of these authors who's talent apparently will never run out.  No matter what the series, Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter, The League, or Chronicles of Nick, they're all golden!  Each installment is either equally good or better than the last and I hope she never stops writing and putting more work on our shelves.

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #9:  Veronica Roth

I know she's only got two books under her belt, but those two books I think will be in my top ten favorites for years to come.  She's honestly convinced me that she can do no wrong and whatever she produces from now on will be strong favorites of mine.  She's totally made me rethink the Dystopian genre and never again will I write a genre off just because it's new or foreign to me and my normal reading likes or dislikes.  Divergent was simply that powerful and amazing in my opinion.  She's definitely on my permanent radar and not going anywhere anytime soon!

My Auto-Buy Author Pick #10:  Jamie McGuire

This cannot come as a surprise to any of you out there who follow my blog because McGuire = awesome in my opinion.  I can (and do) recommend her books to my friends and family ALL the time and without fail they all come back and thank me for introducing them to her work and asking what else she has out there or will be putting out on the shelves soon!  I can't wait for her next release and every single one of them after that.


  1. what a great list and totally agree with the so many there :)

  2. Veronica Roth and Cassie Clare made my list too. I really need to read something by Jennifer Echols, and I'll definitely be doing that soon because I'm sure I'm missing out on something awesome. Great list!

    My Top Ten



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