Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: Independence (Significance, #4) by Shelly Crane

In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all the loose ends of their lives and make a way to be together completely on their own. With everything that happened with Bish and Maggie's father, she's almost reluctant to move on and move out. And now she must figure out all of this...stuff...with Haddock. But of course, nothing can stay simple for the Jacobsons. Enemies who were thought to be dissolved have decided to not go down so easily. And old flames come calling for more than just Maggie. Caleb is torn between leading his family and personal wants. Maggie is torn between Caleb and being the leader of their people. But neither will let what they need most to be pushed to the wayside. They are determined to make it all work, design a plan toward destiny, and make everything right again for themselves and their family.

And then there's a wedding...

Readers are lucky to find characters within the pages of a novel that they can relate to, sympathize with, and root for as the pages turn.  If you're really lucky, the truly great characters bring out all the emotions you've got because they start to feel like your very own friends and family instead of just fictitious names and faces.  Crane's Significance series has these characters.  The main characters, the side characters, you name it and by the time I got to this fourth and final installment in the series, I really did feel like I knew them and was fully engaged in what they had on their plates and the obstacles they were facing.

I was very sad to have to say goodbye to them for good, but enjoyed how Crane wrapped things up and what she included in their journey this time around.  Normally even if things aren't left hanging, there's usually a few elements that I always wish authors would have touched on or elaborated so I'm not left wondering after the series ends; not in this case.  I really felt like everyone's stories were left at a good point and sure readers can use their imaginations and think about what else could have been in store for each of them, but for the most part I do think Crane hit all the key components.

If you haven't had the chance to check this series out, now is the time to do that with all four installments out there so there won't be any waiting or counting down until the next one hits the shelves, because this is it!  And if you have started the series, I can only hope that you end up feeling the same way I did; with a sense of contentment with how things ended, and worked out for everyone involved.

I gave Independence (Significance, #4) 4 shamrocks!!!!

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