Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Tour & Guest Post: Between These Lines by Jennifer Murgia

Welcome to the Between These Lines Blog Tour!!!  I've been so excited to participate and share this post on the tour with you guys, that I'm beyond excited that today has finally arrived.  You guys know how big of a fan I am of Jennifer Murgia and anything I can do on my end to get more people familiar with her writing and talent is exciting!  So enjoy the poem that Jennifer has shared for today's guest post and make sure to get yourself a copy of Between These Lines so you don't miss out on all the fun and excitement!

When a book falls in love with a poem

Before I wrote Young Adult fiction my first love was poetry. Poetry evokes emotions I never quite knew existed from somewhere deep in my soul: gripping me, holding me, keeping me. And sometimes, I don’t fully comprehend what the poet’s meaning is, but somehow, it touches me and covers me with a heavy weight that only my heart can understand.

There’s a darkness in my heart that I let out every so often in what I write. I don’t know where that darkness comes from but it begs to be set free now and then, it begs to be given a chance to breathe—to be handed over to a character so someone else may somehow pull it apart and find its meaning and truth. I handed that darkness over to a very special character in BETWEEN THESE LINES and allowed Chase to take it and claim it as his own. He skillfully bent it and manipulated it and made it a tragic suffering and he borrowed a piece of my favorite poets because she too suffered like he does. In his darkest hours, Chase found his light . . . a way to say goodbye to the past and hold onto the present, even for just a little while.

April 18

the slime of all my yesterdays
rots in the hollow of my skull

and if my stomach would contract
because of some explicable phenomenon
such as pregnancy or

I would not remember you

or that because of sleep
infrequent as a moon of greencheese
that because of food
nourishing as
violet leaves
that because of these

and in a few fatal yards of grass
in a few spaces of sky and treetops

a future was lost yesterday
as easily and irretrievably
as a tennis ball at twilight

Sylvia Plath
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  1. I adore you Katelyn! Thank you for posting this and for being part of the tour!

  2. Big fan of Jennifer's! Love hearing about her dark side... haha



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