Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg

A hilarious new novel from Elizabeth Eulberg about taking the wall out of the wallflower so she can bloom.

Don't mess with a girl with a great personality!

Everybody loves Lexi. She's popular, smart, funny...but she's never been one of those girls, the pretty ones who get all the attention from guys. And on top of that, her seven-year-old sister, Mackenzie, is a terror in a tiara, and part of a pageant scene where she gets praised for her beauty (with the help of fake hair and tons of makeup).

Lexi's sick of it. She's sick of being the girl who hears about kisses instead of getting them. She's sick of being ignored by her longtime crush, Logan. She's sick of being taken for granted by her pageant-obsessed mom. And she's sick of having all her family's money wasted on a phony pursuit of perfection.

The time has come for Lexi to step out from the sidelines. Girls without great personalities aren't going to know what hit them. Because Lexi's going to play the beauty game - and she's in it to win it.

I hate to admit this but this one kind of fell flat for me.  Don't get me wrong, it was cute and there were moments where I was reminded of how well Eulberg can make her readers engage in one of her stories or with her characters.  It just can't be put in the same league as her other books.

It could be for several different reasons.  Mainly I couldn't stand the main characters Lexi's family.  I get that her sister is only seven and being put through the pageant ringer, but she was just so bratty!  Her dad was so self-involved with his fresh start that he couldn't be bothered with his two daughters and her mom was a nightmare!  I loathed her from start to finish....just awful!

And while her friends were funny and entertaining at times I never really fell in love with them either.  The connection just wasn't there for me.  Now Taylor I had a soft spot for, but who wouldn't?  A guy who is both sweet and handsome, not to mention interested in a girl when she can be herself and not trying to put on a show?  Yep, I was a fan of his for sure.

I think maybe I've put Eulberg on a pedestal and expect greatness and so I might have to remind myself that while she's a great writer, that it doesn't mean I'm going to love everything she writes....others might.

I gave Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality 2 shamrocks!!

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  1. I agree that this Eulberg isn't her best-my fave is Prom and Prejudice. There were still some cute moments but maybe the next will be better.



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