Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spencer Hill Press Launch: Reading With Me

I've been a huge fan of Spencer Hill Press for as long as I can remember.  The authors they have included among their team, and the books they publish and put out on the shelves are always among my favorites.  So when I received an email from them asking if I'd like to be a part of their launch for Reading With Me, I didn't have even a moment of hesitation....I was on board!

Reading With Me is a fabulous virtual book club of awesome, concentrating on books released by Spencer Hill and Spencer Hill Contemporary. It's a way to squee with fellow fangirls and fandudes about the latest Spencer Hill releases, authors, and to ponder the ever-present mystery of Where Is Spencer Hill? (Which is like Where's Waldo? but with books and not a random dude in the same striped shirt over and over again.) At Reading With Me, we promote books that we're excited about and our goal is simple: Read them. Love Them. Come back for more.

  The launch kicks off on Thursday and ou can learn more from the following links:
Here are some of the books they're preparing to launch and all the fun that will come with it.  Here are some of my favorites that I'm most excited about checking out!

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