Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ARC Tour & Review: Meanicures by Catherine Clark

When three best friends get together, the first thing they talk about these days is always the mean girls in their lives. They decide to banish their enemies by holding a ceremony and burning slips of paper with the mean girls' names on them. But soon afterwards, they discover themselves becoming mean, and they must find a way--with a little help from the owner of their local beauty shop--to reverse the ceremony and revert to the sweet (mostly), kind (if slightly imperfect) personalities. Catherine Clark's first middle-grade novel is a humorous look at the mysterious--and wonderful--nature of friendship.

Think Mean Girls meets middle school. Cat fights, dirty tricks and pranks that destroy reputations. Madison and her two best friends go to school every day knowing that the "mean girls" won't hesitate to make their lives a living hell just for their own sheer entertainment. Everyone knows kids can be cruel and let's face it, girls can be downright devious when they want to be.
Cassidy and her tag long "mean girls" never hesitate or miss an opportunity to humiliate and ridicule her former best friend Madison. This is a normal and typical day until Madison and her friends have had enough. While taking the advice of a strange and slightly unusual hair stylist, the girls decide to wash their hands of Cassidy and company. They aren't going to let their cruel behavior bother them anymore, so it's going to be a clean slate. The problem is something strange goes on during the "cleaning" and all of a sudden the "mean girls" are the butt of all jokes and the instigators guessed it, Madison and her friends. Everything is backwards and turned upside down.

Will Madison and her friends be able to fix things and get everything back to normal, the way things were before their karma went crazy? Will they even want to change things back now that they're not being teased and are more popular than ever before? Catherine Clark weaves a great moral story of right and wrong, nice and mean and everything in between. Be careful what you wish for everybody, because those wishes....they just might come true.

I gave Meanicures 2 shamrocks!!

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