Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ARC Tour & Review: Nocturne by L.D. Harkrader

A romantic tale of vampires and magic from award-winning author L.D. Harkrader

Flanders Lane is tired of being protected by her Uncle Anatole. After years of studying magic in the back of his bookshop, she's ready for an adventure of her own. Then one day, strange things start happening. A burglar breaks into the butcher's shop, stealing nothing, but leaving the floors sparkling clean. Soon the seamstress's apprentice vanishes on her way home, leaving behind only a shoe still laced at the top. And then worst of all, Uncle Anatole disappears. That night, a young vampire hunter named Pascoe knocks urgently on the bookshop door. Pascoe insists there is a vampire lurking in nearby Blakely Hall. Flanders looks deep into Pascoe's gorgeous eyes and finds herself agreeing to help him. As Flanders tracks the vampire, her feelings for Pascoe grow until she stumbles upon a secret that turns everything she thought she knew about Pascoe--and herself--upside down.

I'm always impressed when an author can jump into a familiar genre, in this case paranormal/fantasy and despite the vast number of stories already out there within the genre, still manages to create their own unique spin. L.D. Harkrader did just that with Nocturne. Harkrader gave readers magic, mystery, vampires and suspense all rolled up into one. It was a great combination and while I will admit to not being sure quite what to expect with this book, I ended up really enjoying myself.
Flannery Lane is our heroine in Nocturne and she was adorable. As a little baby she was left in the care of the town wizard and has lived with her "uncle" ever since. Her uncle may be talented in the magic department but he has warned Flannery that she is not to use her magic, for the danger is too great. Being the rebellious teenager (we've all been there) she thinks that's ridiculous and that her uncle is just being overprotective. She decides to strike out on her own and begins to learn when her uncle isn't looking. But when danger begins to darken the streets of her small town and her uncle is cursed and becomes ill, Flannery has only herself to depend on. After many long debates with herself, Flannery decides it's her duty to use her magic to help her uncle and fellow townspeople.

Now of course we can't have Flannery going at it all alone right? In walks Pascoe, a mysterious newcomer who Flannery is certain hunts vampires for a living. Now that would be great, but it also doesn't hurt that he's tall, dark and handsome right? Will he be able to help Flannery with the evil that's come to her town? Will Flannery make it in time to help her friends who have started to disappear from Wicker Street? Go out and grab Nocturne when it hits the shelves and see for yourselves. It's a quick and fun read and I'm looking forward to reading what Harkrader has in store for us next.

I gave Nocturne 3 shamrocks!!!

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