Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: The Pace (The Pace, #1) by Shelena Shorts

Weston Wilson is not immortal and he is of this world. But, aging is not part of his existence, and eighteen-year-old Sophie Slone is determined to find out why. In doing so, she could also uncover something about her own life expectancy that she may not want to know. Suddenly, immortality will mean everything and nothing all at the same time.

This is one of those books that comes along every once in a while and has you kicking yourself for not reading it sooner. Shelena Shorts' writing made me feel like I wasn't reading a story at all, but actually was a part of the story itself. The Pace is the first in a series and thank goodness for that because I can't get nearly enough.

Sophie and Wes are introduced and readers will immediately put on their detective caps because like Sophie, you know there is something different about Wes. He's not your "normal" nineteen year old boy. And here the journey begins. Packed with so much suspense, romance, mystery and intrigue, readers won't know how to turn the pages fast enough. Wes has a secret and it's one that he's kept so close to him for so long that he might not be ready to reveal it just yet. Can he trust Sophie to understand? Will she be able to keep a secret so big once she knows the truth? Will it bring them closer to together or will it be too much and tear them apart?

Sophie and Wes' love story has become a favorite of mine. There's a lot of wooing that takes place and the two of them broadcast their feelings and trust in each other so passionately, and with neither of them ever holding back that you can't help but be moved. It's inspiring and oh so romantic! Many books focus on time running out and countdowns to contend with, but Shorts takes the idea of time and immortality to a whole new level. Wes especially feels the burden and weight of it all, more than most. Will he and Sophie be able to stop the clock long enough to change things? What happens when you know you might lose the one person you can't live without, how far would you go to save them?

I've had this book on my shelf for way too long without reading it and like I said before, I'm kicking myself now. I can't tell you how excited I am to read the second and soon to be released installment in The Pace series, The Broken Lake. Thank goodness Shorts has plans for a third as well in the series because I know I'm not going to be able to get enough any time soon.

I gave The Pace (The Pace, #1) 4 shamrocks!!!!


  1. I love The Pace was one of my favorite debuts last year. I’m happy that you like it as much as I did. The Broken Lake is really good.


  2. I haven't read this book yet, but i'm definitely kicking myself for not having it on my bookshelf! I'm going to keep an eye open for this book now! It sounds amazing!! thanks for the review!



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