Friday, March 15, 2013

The Bliss Quote Hop

Everyone knows how excited I am and I'm sure a ton of other people are about the upcoming release of Jennifer Murgia's The Bliss.  As a prequel to her Angel Star series, we're all anxious to see how it all started and to get another chance to visit with the characters we know and love, check out more of Murgia's amazing writing, and to get another taste of this wonderful series!

Today we've got a quote hop going on and I hope you'll join in on the fun.  Check out the quote below and make sure to head on over to the next stop tomorrow at Star Shadow to see what quote will be revealed!

"My body is weightless, white wings turning gray against the heavens. My decision
solidifies . . . and I fall."

Jennifer will be giving away a prize at the end of this quote hop on March 18th...the day The Bliss is released!  All you have to do is leave a comment on the blogs participating in the quote hop and she'll choose a winner randomly...pretty easy and exciting if you ask me!  She'll announce the winner on her blog so hurry up and comment away for your chance to get in on the action and possibly win a pretty great prize!

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