Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Post and Giveaway: Author Patrick Carman


Telekinesis is one of those words that bothers me. Who comes up with this stuff? They should give
writers and teens and artists the opportunity to name some of these things before setting them in concrete.
I’m telling you, it was a teenager or a nerd or both who came up with ZOMBIES. Had to be! If we’d
left ‘the walking dead’ to a scientific minded professor of psychology we’d have gotten something lame
like Telekinesis. I’m sure of it.

I’d love it if someone could come up with a better word for people who can move things with their minds.
Like ZINGLERS or MOVABLERS…okay those are bad, and this is obviously harder than I thought.
VAMPIRE is so great. It’s got sizzle. Someone call the vampire zombie word person!

On a related topic, when I was a teenager I never wished I was a zombie or a vampire. Maybe a zombie
vampire hunter, but not a blood sucking dead guy. But I thought a lot about being able to move things
with my mind. Like I’d lie in bed at midnight and think about the cookies on the kitchen counter. I
imagined them floating down the hall towards my room, because the power of my will to have them was
bigger than Godzilla. I also thought about picking up my school and moving it across town. With my
mind! These were the kinds of things that would impress the girl I wanted to ask out. And I really wanted
to impress her.

If you ever thought about this kind of stuff (or still do) and also wonder what the world might look like
in 2051, the story of Faith Daniels and Dylan Gilmore might interest you. Faith and Dylan can move
things with their minds. They’ve got the PULSE (aka telekinesis!). They’re also attempting the hardest
movement of all –getting someone else’s heart to inch its way towards your own.

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Take a peek at the trailer for Pulse and get excited for this new release all over again!

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