Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Healed by Fire (Artemis Lupine, #3) by Catherine Banks

“The dark approaches. Fire will consume and restore, happiness and pain must be experienced collectively. Death for three will be the end.”

Her memory taken and her whereabouts unknown Artemis is taken in by a coven of witches who give her the name Chandra. After an intense interaction with the Beta of the Werewolves, whom she can’t deny a connection to, Chandra learns that there are people who know her true identity and that she’s not the only halfbreed werewolf alive. Is he really her mate? Just who was she in this previous life? Does she even want to find out the truth? And can she decipher the meaning of her death prophecy before it’s too late?

How can you not love Catherine Banks' Artemis Lupine series? The answer is you can't! It's fascinating and too hard to put down. When I picked up this book I knew full well that I had better put everything else on the back burner until this book had been read in it's entirety because that's how much Banks' writing will consume you. I read all three of these books in her series back to back and despite loving them each so much I was worried I would grow tired of the characters and plot lines by the third book since I was reading them all so close together, but that wasn't the case. I needed more information, craved knowing what was going to happen next with my favorite characters, and after the crazy, unexpected cliffhanger that Banks leaves her readers with in Kiss of a Star, there was no way I would have been able to handle not finding out Artemis' fate along with the rest of her friends and family.

Banks did not disappoint. While I was left devastated in book two with Artemis' turn of fate, Banks kept me on the edge of my seat until about half way through this installment. From there it turned into a manageable tension level. While still biting my nails and ratcheting up my heart rate, I was able to function without snapping at everyone who dared to interrupt my reading. And once again her ending left me reeling. I have no idea how she does it, and honestly it doesn't matter. Her unique writing, the way she wraps her readers up in all the intense situations and outcomes is mind blowing and at the end of the day I don't need to know how she makes that happen. I just need to know that she won't stop any time soon. Her fourth installment in the Artemis Lupine series, Taming Darkness is scheduled to come out in 2013 and to be honest that's just far to long of a wait. I'm not sure how I'll contain my curiosity and craziness but I'm going to do my best!

Go out and check this series out for yourselves and do it quickly!

I gave Healed by Fire (Artemis Lupine, #3) 4 shamrocks!!!!

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