Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: The Secret of the Keepers: Kailmeyra's Strength (Kailmeyra, #2) by Elizabeth Isaacs

The Kailmeyra Chronicles: Book Two--

Life for Nora couldn't be better; she has married the man of her dreams and loves living in the pristine land of Kailmeyra.

That is, until the darkness threatens her perfect world.

Now war is upon the land. She and Gavin must strengthen their clan and prepare to fight. But the enemy has an ally—one that not only wields power, but holds knowledge of the ancients' secrets. Secrets that could destroy creation itself.

As the darkness grows, doubt seeps in ... protectiveness hinders progress ... and the unthinkable comes to pass.

Bewildered and alone, Nora shoulders the responsibility of leading an entire race to war. As she struggles with decisions that seem impossible to make, she is haunted by one choice.

"No one has ever doubted that you would die for those you love. The question then becomes ... would you live?"

Elizbaeth Isaacs is one of those authors that in my experience have this uncanny ability to sneak up on you and take you by complete surprise. When I came across her first book after it was recommend to me I'll admit it sounded interesting but I never would have guessed just how much I'd come to appreciate Isaacs' writing and the world in which she created. Even knowing how much I enjoy her writing style and the characters I was introduced to in her series opener, The Light of Asteria, when it came time to finally get the chance to check out her sequel I was once again surprised by my enthusiasm. The further I got into the book, the more intense the plot became and the more invested I realized I'd become.

Her characters, her writing, her world, and just about everything that went into this second installment was even better the second time around. Everything I loved about her first book, I came to love all the more, and everything she set her readers up to be angry about or the characters I was originally hoping wouldn't prevail...those feelings only got more amped up. She's got talent and her stories are the only evidence needed to back that statement up. This time around, there is still background given for readers with any new characters that are introduced, and a little more history on Asteria is also available, but other than that, the plot flies by without getting too hampered down with an overload of useless details. No sluggish moments in this novel, that I will say is a fact.

This sequel was so chalk full of big events that I'm afraid to reveal anything for fear of giving away some of the best twists and turns Isaacs could come up with. So all I can really say is that while I was admittedly surprised by how much I enjoyed Isaacs' writing and the world she has created for this series, it was without a doubt a very pleasant surprise at that. So like I always say, do yourself a favor and pick this series up if you haven't already done so, and if you have gotten the chance to read her opener, you're going to really love the continuation of this story.

I gave The Secret of the Keepers: Kailmeyra's Strength 4 shamrocks!!!!

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