Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Kiss of a Star (Artemis Lupine, #2) by Catherine Banks

Artemis’ life completely changed when she met Ares and learned of her true genetics. Achilles comes to her and her life is changed yet again as she learns more about herself and Ares’ past. Now nothing is simple and life is anything but calm. As she adjusts to her new life she learns that shedding a little blood is more than necessary and that she must do whatever she can to stay with her pack and her mate. Can she figure out a way to protect her pack and stand against the man hunting her? Or will treachery and deceit separate her from the first family she’s ever had?

OK so we've covered the fact that these covers are not my favorite. I'm starting to think it's the cartoon like qualities that turn me off, but that's just a guess. Either way, if there was ever a situation where you should NOT judge a book by it's cover, this series would be one of those times. Banks' books might not have covers to covet but the writing she puts behind those covers more than makes up for it. After the cliffhanger Banks left her readers with in Song of the Moon, I could not get this second installment open fast enough.

After meeting Achilles for all of five seconds in book one, though it might seem ridiculous, I instantly disliked him. I can't help it but I'd already decided that if a love triangle was created, that I was firmly on Team Ares. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, Achilles was not getting my vote. Artemis and Ares went through so much in Song of the Moon, that I began to wonder how this second installment would live up to all that excitement. But live up to and surpass it, it surely did. While the love triangle added an interesting twist of events, it was everything else that was happening in Artemis' new world that really took center stage. While the werewolves and their pack laws were gripping in book one, adding the sidhe characters and world only upped the ante left readers dying to know what Banks would come up with next. Most of you know Greek mythology has always had a special place in my heart, and Banks managed to hit this one on the head.

Like I said before, Banks draws her readers in and without even realizing how she's done it not to mention how quickly she manages it, but you become addicted. To the series, her characters and where she's going to take them and what all she's got planned to put them through. Kidnappings, fights and battles, bonding, murder attempts, pack hierarchies, royalty name it and Banks is putting it on the table. Her characters do not rest and yet she never left me feeling overwhelmed with all that was going on, or even rolling my eyes and saying that enough is enough. Artemis and the rest of the gang are pushed to their limits, but it's always bordering the line of just enough, yet never crossing over. I simply can't get enough of Banks' writing and her series has me craving more!

I gave Kiss of a Star (Artemis Lupine, #2) 4 shamrocks!!!!

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