Monday, April 2, 2012

Newly Released Richelle Mead App

Have you guys had a chance to check out this app yet? I first heard about it over at RT Book Reviews and have marked this down as yet another reason that I need to utilize my phone upgrade and get myself an iPhone. It's official, if I'm going to be missing out on awesome apps like this one, there is just no excuse for me to not cross over to the (apple) dark side and switch up pronto!

Richelle Mead's publisher, Penguin decided to launch this app and it gives readers and fans so many cool ways to delve further into Mead's Vampire Academy and Bloodlines world. There's not a whole lot that they've left out from what I've heard. I wish I could give you a more informative hands on critique, but since this girl hasn't gotten with the program and picked herself up an iPhone, for now I'll just fill you in on what I've learned so far from various outlets.

You've got several features to entertain yourself (and lose time) with on this app. The app is free (totally awesome!) and includes features like Your Books, Character Maps, About Richelle, and a Community. Each and every one of these looks very tempting and I can already see myself not wanting to put my phone down once this app has been installed.

The Your Books section has all of the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines books available that are out in the series' so far. Readers will be able to get the chance to read excerpts from each of the books if they want and you can also easily buy yourself a electronic version of the book as well if the excerpt has you hooked (and you haven't already read the books) and you know it will! I've read several reviews of this section and everyone so far has said that even if you're not super great on the technical end that this section is easy to work your way through. And since I'll be a new iPhone user, I'm hoping they're right because I'll be starting at square one.

The Characters Maps section has by far piqued my interest the most. I love when authors give you the chance to take a look at pictures of art work sketches and drawings of what their characters look like. I know some people would rather only see these characters as they've started to picture them in their own minds while reading, but I happen to love the additional feedback. Sometimes it's downright funny to see how far off base I've pictured a character, then to come and find out that the author was writing about these characters and seeing something totally different. It's an interesting experience if you ask me. This section has bios of all the characters along with their pictures, descriptions of their looks to go along with the photos and so much more. Sounds great right?

The About Richelle feature gives you all things Richelle Mead. You can connect with the author via the app (which I think is really cool) as well as giving you a background on where she came from and how she got started in the writing process. Readers and app users get the chance to watch videos and take a look at pictures of the author as well. I for one have always been a huge fan of going to any book festival and author signing that I can manage. Unfortunately with Mead being located in Seattle, I haven't had the opportunity to make it to any of her signings but hopefully one day. In the meantime, this app's feature will tide me over and help me get to know her better. What reader doesn't get excited to hear from an author they love and who's writing they've come to cherish?

Finally there is the Community feature. As a blogger I've got to say that I love the idea behind this feature. One of the reasons I started this blog to begin with (the main reason) was so that I'd have people to share my thoughts and ideas with regarding the books I was reading and looking forward to reading. Not many of my friends are huge bibliophiles, so I used to bore them to tears when the subject of books would come up (which they usually tried to avoid) but that all has changed. Now I've got other bibliophile friends, fellow bloggers and a whole network of readers to talk to and connect with. That's what this feature is all about. Readers can check out a map to see where Mead's readers are located, and I've heard (not hard to believe) that they reach far and wide. Everyone loves Mead's writing!

So if you're lucky enough to already have an Apple product I totally envy you. Go and get yourself hooked up with this app and be sure to report back and let me know what you think and how you like it so far! As soon as my phone upgrade comes around in May, you can believe that this girl will be taking herself to the store to get an iPhone so that I can join in on the fun!

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