Monday, April 9, 2012

The Possibilities Are Endless

Now that I've been in my new apartment for a full month, I am finally feeling like I can sit back and relax and enjoy the place. Since the move took two full weeks and a lot of work, I just glossed right over those. The next two weeks consisted of me trying to keep everything in it's place, while also trying to decide if I liked it there in the first place, or wanted to rearrange some things. Luckily my mother (who missed her calling as an interior decorator) was there to help me (and do most of the work) with the decorating end of things. She is amazing! A joke!

So now that the pressure and stress have trickled to a minimum, I'm feeling much more at home and comfy in my new place....I'm kind of in love with it actually! But my point of this post is not to drag on about all's to tell you that while I was in the process of all this decorating and moving, I scoured the internet, boutiques, store front window displays, antique stores, etc...for great ways to incorporate all of my books into my home. Because let's face it...we all have certain items or things that no matter where we are, as long as we have them, it's like bring a little piece of home with you. For me, the first thing I wanted to have set up in my apartment was my books. And not just on the shelves either. I don't think there is a room in my place that doesn't have a book on display in some way, shape or form.

While I didn't use these ideas myself, I'm thinking I might in the future because they're fantastic.

Who needs a real fireplace right? I love the idea of rather than use a working fireplace, or just leaving the space empty if it isn't a working least this way you're utilizing your spaces, and what better way than to turn it into a bookcase of sorts!

If you love to take pictures as much as I do, then you probably love to display those pictures as well right? While these frames are decorate with maps, you can do the same with pages out of a book that you either don't plan on reading anymore or you can simply find an old book to use at a thrift store or something and voila!

Yet another idea I simply adore! As much as I love pictures of family and friends...sometimes books win out. In this case, you're not going to find many places where books are on display in this fashion, so why not be a trend starter and book some great looking hard cover books up on the wall for everyone to admire?

Whoever is in charge of Anthorpologie's window displays deserves an award! They are always so eclectic and fantastical that half the time I spend just admiring the displays without even realizing that there is shopping to do as well! The mobile displays with the books has always been one of my favorites and would love to do this one day for myself or for a nursery if and when I ever start a family of my own.

So I'm not a fan of this bright purple table, but I have a similar table set up in my entryway (mine is black) and I couldn't resist piling books up on the bottom shelf so that they're one of the first things I see when I walk through my front door...totally the best way to welcome me home!

So many fun and creative ways to incorporate books into your living spaces and they seem to be endless and always enviable. Have you seen any great ideas that you think would make us go bananas? How do you guys have your books displayed?

Happy Reading and Decorating with Books!!!


  1. Great ideas. I wish I had a fireplace to stack books. I like that one & the Anthropologie display is gorgeous.

  2. I totally am going to have a book mobile when I decorate my home. I quite love the purple table with books, it is striking and makes you look.

    Congrats on the move and being settled. I actually thought the first picture was your home that your mom decorated for you :-)



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