Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get It Together

Have you guys ever taken a look at your bookshelves and book collection and decided that it was time to get organized, or maybe time to reorganize how you have things set up?  I came home from work the other day and was just settling down for the evening and started looking at my bookshelves.  I realized that I didn't really have a set way that I organize my books (shocking! I know), they're more just put on the shelves wherever I could find a place.  I started thinking that maybe it was time for me to make a change...maybe it's the spring cleaning bug or something...either way I started doing some research and making lists!
Whenever anyone comes to my apartment one of the first things they comment on is my book collection.  There's no hiding that I'm a bibliophile...and who would want to right?  They comment on the size of the collection (which to be honest will never be big enough in my opinion) or the types of titles they find, browsing through my coffee table books which are scattered around every available space, and so on and so forth.
I found a ton of information online and suggestions on creative ways others around the blogosphere sort and shelve their books, and its given me some great inspiration.  Do you guys collect coffee table books like I do?  I know some girls have a love of shoes and purses, to name just a few, and while I'm no stranger to wanting to add a few pairs to my closet or a couple of bags to rotate, I've found that I'd much rather add to my library than anything else. 
So I've started (a while back) collecting coffee table tomes over the years and have made myself a pretty nice collection of conversation starters that I have stacked all over my apartment.  I found this picture online and it was nice to know that I'm not alone, and others have collected their 'stacks' around their living spaces as well.
Oprah's site recommended getting organized and expanding your storage spaces.  Creativity was key in her post and trying to think outside of the box when it comes to where you can shelve and store your books.  Ideas like framing covers, using small spaces in your home you might not immediately think of as a home for your books, but ones that can work out quite nicely.

So while I buy my books purely for my own enjoyment I've also started making sure that a good bit of them are out where anyone can see them and pick them up if they want to.  Sometimes people are less inclined to select a book off a shelf to look into further so I've tried to put some out in places that are more accessible and I'm not the only one. 

I found this picture on Pinterest and saw that I'm not the only one that's found chairs are not just for sitting, but also great places to put a few books out for show.  Not only is that chair gorgeous, but it's even more fabulous with that stack of fashion tomes on top!

I've always had a special place in my heart for fresh blooms, so whenever I get the chance I try to make sure at least one of the vases in my apartment is sporting some kind of arrangement, and if there are books right alongside it, the combination is fantastic!

What do you guys think?  Do you stick to alphabetical order?  Color shelving?  Or do you go more the traditional library route and keep books in their genres and organized by author so they're easier to find?  There are so many ways, so many books, and sometimes so little space that it's a tough decision to make.  I think as long as you know your system and like how it's set up than that's all that matters.  If others are able to enjoy it as well, than all the better right?

If you've got pictures of how you likes things send them my way, seen anything on line that you think I might want to give a try, I'm all ears!  I definitely have the spring cleaning and organizing bug and I think this weekend might be the perfect time to take advantage and get to work, don't you think?

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