Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ARC Tour & Review: Return To Paradise (Leaving Paradise #2) by Simone Elkeles

Maggie and Caleb just went through the worst year of their lives. Hit by a car and starting life over with a limp, Maggie never thought she would forgive Caleb. But she did-and fell in love. What they shared was real. But Caleb wanted to be free from the past-and a terrible secret: he wasn't the one who hit Maggie. So he left Paradise-and Maggie-forever.

When Maggie and Caleb run into each other in a different town, they can't deny their true feelings. Will Maggie let Caleb get away again? Or will Caleb face the truth and return to Paradise?

Maggie and Caleb managed to make my list of awesome fictional couples.  I love these two and was so excited to see more of them in this sequel.  We're right back at square one with them admitting only to themselves that there's a crazy strong attraction between them, not to mention the actual feelings they have for one another, and a whole lot of pent up emotions on top of all that.  Maggie's trying to move on after Caleb left without a backward glance and Caleb's trying to move on after the car accident turned his life upside down.

Good old Caleb lands himself in some trouble (again) and in order to stay out of jail he's got to pay a kind of group therapy, community service project.  And guess who's also involved?  Maggie of course!  So right off the bat these two are back to loving and hating each other (sometimes both at the same time) and these feelings change at a moment's notice.  They're stuck in a situation neither was expecting or prepared for and there's no way out of it.  I'll admit it's of course not all fun and games when it comes to Maggie and Caleb.  These two both have secrets and major baggage and have to deal with those things before they can even think of a happily ever after ending where they're concerned.  They both struggle, lie (to each other and themselves), despair, laugh and love their way through this installment and I was loving every minute of it.  Simone Elkeles' writing is so great to read and I always find myself finishing her books before I'm ready to say goodbye just yet.  I'd really love to see more of Maggie and Caleb in the there any hope for a third installment in the series?  I sure hope so!

I gave Return To Paradise 4 shamrocks!!!!

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