Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Weekend!!

Normally my weekends are reserved for relaxing, catching up on stuff that I've been putting off all week, like laundry, watching and cleaning up my favorite TV shows that I've recorded and of course using as much of my down time as possible to read all the great books that I've got waiting to be opened and enjoyed. This weekend though I'm more than happy to put my reading off a for a little while...or at least to share some of that down time for some fun and exciting stuff. Tonight I'm lucky enough to get the chance to see Cirque du Soleil perform...the Michael Jackson Immortal show and I can't wait! I always knew these performers were talented and that I would enjoyed watching them perform, but last year was my first experience and I've got to say that I have become such a huge fan ever since! A few friends and I got tickets for this show months ago and I've been counting down ever since! And then tomorrow I've got my friend Shannon's Bridal shower, so it's looking like it'll shape up to be a pretty fabulous and super fun weekend!

I hope you guys are able to enjoy (what I hope will be) nice weather and relax a little from everyday life with a good read, quality time with your family and fun times with your friends!

Happy Reading!!!!!

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