Friday, April 5, 2013

Books and Nail Polish

So today I've gotten myself a day off of work and it's a packed one at that.  My very best friend is getting married tomorrow and we've got a full schedule for the whole weekend.  Normally I wouldn't post this kind of non-book related kind of thing, but while she was making decisions and planning her wedding down to the last detail, one of the items on her list was what she wanted her bridal party to do with their nails.  It might sound silly but every last detail needs to be considered when it comes to your big day and she only asked that the girls where a neutral like polish on their hands so everything would blend well together.

This is not my first rodeo so to speak and when it comes to all these requests it's like second nature.  So I went through my polishes and found one I thought would be just right.  And guess what it's called??  Essie always has the cutest names for their polishes and when I came across this one I fell in love with not only the color but the name it went by:  Vanity Fairest!

The color's great and a very barely there healthy hue that any girl could wear, and the fact that it's been given a bookish title had me falling in love right there on the spot.  So cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly from the rehearsal and dinner to follow tonight as well as the big day!

Have a great weekend and as always Happy Reading!!!

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