Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Sea Glass (Glass #2) by Maria V. Snyder

Student glass magician Opal Cowan's newfound ability to steal a magician's powers makes her too powerful. Ordered to house arrest by the Council, Opal dares defy them, traveling to the Moon Clan's lands in search of Ulrick, the man she thinks she loves.

Thinks, because she is sure that another man, now her prisoner, has switched souls with Ulrick.

In hostile territory, without proof or allies, Opal isn't sure whom to trust. She can't forget Kade, the handsome Stormdancer who doesn't want to let her get close. And now everyone is after Opal's special powers for their own deadly gain....

Where Opal once thought she was without talent and useless to the keep and magical society, she now finds herself the center of attention, every one's attention. Her glass magic is unique and everyone is wary of her new siphoning powers. They're all so shaken that they've placed her on house arrest within the keep and given no indication of when freedom will be hers.

Kade and Ulrick no longer need to duke it out for Opal's attention because Ulrick (the real one) is still M.I.A. With Devlen as her prisoner Opal hopes to go in search of the real Ulrick so that their souls can be switched back. She just needs to get out of the keep first. While she is slightly better equipped to protect herself, she still manages to get foiled again and again. Snyder is a genius at getting readers to root for her protagonist with barely any effort. That's how good her characters are. She's also an expert at presenting readers with characters who at one moment you can loathe and then the next minute she can get you to sympathize with them at the next turn. It's amazing and I've got no idea how she pulls it off.

Another typical trait I've come to expect from Snyder is an action packed ending. With all that takes place throughout her her tales, I'm always impressed by how much she still manages to throw at readers in the end. With yet another intense wrap up I'm once again itching to dig into the next Glass installment. Sadly it will spell the end to her Glass series. I'm reading Spy Glass now, but is it too much to hope that readers will get to see the world and the characters we've come to love so much again in the future? I really hope not!

I gave Sea Glass (Glass #2) 4 shamrocks!!!!

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  1. This series looks really great! I love the cover on this one. I've heard good things about her Poison Study series as well!



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