Monday, October 1, 2012

Reached Silk and Paper Campaign

I've got some very exciting news and I can't wait to share with you guys!  I was recently contacted and invited to join a fun "grassroots" campaign this fall leading up to the publication of Reached by Ally Condie, the finale in her Matched Trilogy.  There was of course zero hesitation on my part and I jumped at the chance to take part.

This campaign has been dubbed the "Silk and Paper" campaign which was inspired by a passage in Reached:

"I sort for the Society here in their capitol of Central, but I have a job to do for the Rising, and I trade with the Archivists.  On the outside, I'm just a society girl wearing plainclothes.  But underneath, I have silk and paper against my skin."

I couldn't resist putting in that little sneak peek for you guys after seeing it for myself.  I thought I was excited about this upcoming release before, but now that the campaign is in full swing I'm over the moon with excitement!  So I've been asked to become a trader.  I'm not alone in this campaign obviously, there are around 30 of us total that have taken on the task of the traders, and I am thrilled to work along side some of my favorite bloggers.

We've received our initiation kits which included a bound galley of Reached (insert me jumping up and down!), Matched Trilogy promotional swag including buttons and posters that have been included in our kits so that I can host a few giveaways here on the blog!  The campaign will run starting today through November 13th, the day that Reached hits the shelves.  So let's get started.....

I can't do this alone you guys and I would be so appreciative if you guys can all help out with this fun and exciting campaign.  We're starting off with a countdown widget.  You can see on the right side of the blog I've added a countdown widget for the Reached's awesome right?  So today and the rest of this week I'm asking you guys to add the widget to your pages, blogs, etc...  Tweet about it, post it on your facebook pages, you name it, whatever you can do to promote the Reached release and the widget would be awesome!

I'm so excited for these challenges, and I know you guys will have just as much fun with this campaign as I will, so let's get this party started and start counting down until Reached is released and on the shelves!!!

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