Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silk and Paper Campaign Traders

Now that you guys have heard about the Silk and Paper Campaign that's taken over the blogosphere leading up to Ally Condie's third and final installment in the Matched Trilogy, REACHED, I wanted to make sure you guy knew who my fellow traders were.  There are some fantastic blogs and bloggers out there participating and they, like me have taken on the challenge of becoming a Trader for the Rising.

There are more bloggers than I could possibly talk about in just one post so I'm going to break this down for you over the next few Saturdays so you guys won't miss out on the chance to check out what's going on over at their blogs and throughout the Campaign!

Trader #1:  Lea over at the YA Book Queen

Lea has managed to add a little style and grace to her site revolving around young adult literature and I think her site embodies class to a T.  I love popping over to check out her Weekly Recommendations, so I can see what she thinks everyone should check out and what she's currently excited about in the literature world. Every time I stop by her blog I feel like curling up with a cup of espresso and relaxing.  And I've got to admit, her reviews are well thought out and I especially have started to enjoy and pay attention to her "highlights" and "lowlights" that she includes towards the end.

Trader #2:  Mandy over at Young Adult Book Central (YABC)
You name it and they've got it over at YABC.  You can check out a comprehensive list of the "hottest books" or the "top reader rated" lists and see what you're missing out on and what you need to get caught up on.  If you're looking for giveaways, they've got them covered, author information?  They have a huge list of authors that includes their bios, books, book excerpts, etc...  I'm not sure what else you could possibly want but if you come up with anything they'll probably end up already having it covered because they're just that proactive over at YABC.

Trader #3:  Jenny from Wondrous Reads

One of my favorite things about the YA blogosphere is the fact that we're so spread out and there's always a huge variety in bloggers, locations, styles, etc...  And Jenny is a perfect example since she's located in the U.K.  She started her blog in 2009 and has been at it ever since.  If you check her site out you'll really be able to tell immediately that she's a true bibliophile.  Her review are well written and I've been lucky enough to come across more than a few titles on her blog that I hadn't heard of before and was able to add to my TBR list thanks to her recommendations.

Trader #4:  Audra at The-Society.Net

If you want information regarding Ally Condie, her MATCHED series, and everything in between, this is the site you need to visit.  Just for a few examples, recently the site has posted about Ally Condie's Twitter chats, the Matched and Crossed Read can check out the button for that at the very bottom of my site (you won't want to miss out on the chance to be a part of this one!)  Interview with Condie, special boxed sets of the trilogy, awards the books have earned, and information about the movie adaptation that is in the works.  How could you resist?

Trader #5:  Benji at The Non Reluctant Reader

Contests, read alongs, memes, interviews, and of course reviews.  This blogger does it all.  With a colorful and creative back drop this is one of those blogs that you won't be able to resist.  The reviews are witty, the blog tours are numerous, and the guest posts and interviews are addicting.  I have this Silk and Paper Campaign to thank for helping me find this blog and blogger and I'm there was never a doubt that I'd be an avid follower after just one visit to this blog, so head on over and check out what Benji's got to say today.

Trader #6:  The Matched Department

A team of bloggers who show their passion for their favorite books by dedicating a blog to those very titles.  I can't get enough of this site.  I love how they've got a little bit of everything.  From book quotes, excerpts, Ally Condie updates, movie news, etc...  One of my favorite things about finding a blog like this one is that you realize that you're not the only one who's gotten so excited over a book or series that you can't help but spread the word.  All the little touches this site includes really had me drooling...the separators they use to differentiate one post from another are images straight out of the book cover art it!

Trader #7:  Tirzah from The Compulsive Reader

Talk about an insightful writer.  This girl doesn't just throw up a post just to make sure she's got one on a daily basis for her readers.  I'm guilty of posting the countdown lists, etc...but while I love doing those, I'm also slightly envious of people like Tirzah because the imagination and creativity that seems to go into a lot of her posts is hard to resist and not easy to replicate.  She's got posts of a wide variety, whether she's featuring a certain cover and discussing what everyone thinks, or what she calls "Looking Ahead" where upcoming books and their authors get the spotlight and readers get a sneak peek of what's to come.

Trader #8:  Nancy from A Lush Budget Production 

With a huge following behind her, Nancy's blog is one that once you visit you won't want to leave.  You'll definitely find yourself coming back again and again to check out what book related events are in her area, what blog tours she's currently apart of, what giveaways she's hosting, and the author events and book signings she's  been to recently.  Just getting the chance to hear about the authors and signings she's recently had the chance to take part in was addicting.  I'm one of those readers who tries her best to get to each signing that is in a reasonable driving distance, but there are never enough to satisfy me.  So if I can't go personally, I love to hear where everyone else has been and who they've been meeting recently!

Trader #9:  Enna of Squeaky Books

First things first, make sure you stop by the blog and shoot her a note to find out the back story of how she came up with her pseudonym.  From what she says in her "About Me" section it may not be a short explanation but it sure sounds like an interesting tale and it's definitely one that I want to hear.  But more importantly have you checked out any of her graphics?  She's a natural and has a bunch of talent.  The Matched and Crossed Read Along floating around the blogosphere....well the graphic is her handy work.  I'm always amazed and inspired when people have and display that kind of creativity, not to mention insanely jealous of all the neat things they can do!

Trader #10:  Reading Lark

A team of six awesome and dedicated book bloggers makes up this site.  One of my favorite things about a site like this is you get a variety all the time.  With so many contributors things will never get dull, boring, or repetitive.  Everything about this site is crisp and clean and very well organized.  The reviews are thoughtful and have already made my TBR list grow by leaps and bounds.  And their "Shopping Lark" featured on Fridays where they try to do their part and help you decide what to buy next and what to put on your shopping list is fantastic!  However I'm not sure how much my wallet will appreciate it down the road.

Stay tuned next Saturday for another posting where I can introduce you to the remaining Traders that are participating along side myself in this fun and exciting Silk and Paper Campaign!

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