Monday, October 15, 2012

Silk and Paper Campaign: Rise Up

The Rising needs new recruits.  We're trying to drive as much traffic over to the Matched Trilogy Facebook fan page as we possibly can.  If you haven't already liked the page yourself, head on over and get that out of the way, and then start encouraging others to check it out as well.  Are you guys up for the challenge?  While I know a lot of you fans and readers out there will do your best simply because we love this series as well as Ally Condie, I'm hoping I can add a little extra incentive to inspire a little bit more action on our parts and sweeten the deal for all of your hard work.  I also just want to show you guys how much I really appreciate all your help!  I couldn't have done the challenge without you and it's been so much fun and I know it can only get better!

Thanks to the Penguin Publishing I've got a few great goodies and swag that I can offer up and give away to a few lucky winners.  This time around I've got some great buttons and posters that you'll want to add to your collection.  I'll admit that I almost wanted to keep them for myself, but no worries....I've resisted the temptation.  But you guys have all been so great and helpful, not to mention supportive of this challenge and future release that I'm going to ask you to fill out the form below and enter for your chance to win!  You'll have until October 29th so hurry up and enter!

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