Monday, May 7, 2012

Blood of a Red Rose Blog Tour!!

It's tour time everybody and today I'm lucky enough to be the first stop along Tish Thawer's blog tour for her upcoming release of Blood of a Red Rose in her exciting Rose Trilogy. So be sure to check out all the stops after this one on the tour because it's sure shaped up to a be a great number of fun and interesting BLOGS! And now for my review....

As soon as I finished Thawer's series opener, Scent of a White Rose, I couldn't wait until I would get the chance to check out the second installment in her trilogy. After meeting her wonderful characters and being introduced to this unique and interesting world Thawer created, I had to know what would happen to them next. Secrets were revealed, surprises and shocking twists were thrown at readers at all possible times, and this novel was definitely not lacking in suspense.

I was also relieved and excited to find that Thawer's gift for fast paced writing and flowing dialogue continued on in her second installment. I literally flew through this title, finding myself finishing it all in one day! It was addicting and I think readers will find themselves hooked and unable to close their books until the last page has been read. And what a last page it was! Some may feel differently but one of my favorite aspects of Thawer's writing and this series in general is that she varies her narrators. I love getting the chance to hear from each of the main character's points of view. Readers get a full compass of everything that's going on and how each character feels and views the goings on around them. It makes me feel like nothing is left out and nothing is held back.

The various narrators also keeps things exciting in my opinion. There's never a dull moment because even when the action slows down at points, it's at these moments where Thawer lets her readers get a glimpse into how her characters are reflecting on everything that's happening. I found myself just as anxious to read how certain people were feeling as well as finding out what would happen next. Thawer is definitely not one to leave her readers complacent and comfortable. She throws wrenches into her characters' well thought out plans left and right. There is no lull in the action and at times I could attempt to tamper down my frustration at all these characters were going through. It was exciting to say the least.

Now that Thawer has left her readers with another doozy of a cliffhanger to wrap this second installment up with, I'm once again craving the next book. Not sure when readers will be able to plan on seeing the third and final installment hit the shelves in this exciting series, but you can be sure that as soon as I find out the countdown will begin and I can't wait! Be sure to pick up your copies of this installment when it hits bookstores' shelves, tomorrow, May 8th!

I gave Blood of a Red Rose (The Rose Trilogy, #2) 3 shamrocks!!!

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  1. Katelyn, Thank you for the wonderful review, and to set your mind at ease, you can expect Death of a Black Rose, on Sept. 18, 2012! :) Thanks again for everything! ~ Tish



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